We are a family-friendly spaced themed Minecraft pocket edition SkyBlock server that offers more than your ordinary SkyBlock experience. On our server, you will have access to exclusive mob Spawners, relics, custom enchantments, and multi SkyBlock island creation. You’ll also be able to play our Space Kit PvP mini-game that offers custom kits from tiers 1 to 3, and a wide selection of custom enchantments. Each Kit is balanced by classes that determine what features they will offer, from medic officers to armored mech suits, and assassins.

Everyone wants to play a SkyBlock server that is fresh, unique, and fun. Unfortunately, most SkyBlock servers all have the same features and do the same things. SkyBlocMc delivers the best, custom-tailored features for our players, and it is our goal to create an inclusive SkyBlock community.

We are constantly improving SkyBlocMc to guarantee a great gaming experience. You will love interacting with players in our community-wide Minecraft pocket edition server. Join SkyBlocMc now to begin the adventure and build up your island!